Září 2012

Tok tok tok... 누구 세오??

13. září 2012 v 3:16 | Quasha |  my territory
YA! he is my bias, and so similar with that guy I adored...so don't touch him 알 겠어요? xD

Hi everyone?? aish...who am I talking to? No one visits my blog...it's a little bit laughable, cuz I had 정말 정말 visitors, but now huh? No one xD....what a pity.

You guys know what...in the future times, I really want to do a nose-job.. I am serious, I thought about it when I was 14 until now.
I don't like my nose...I think it needs some arrangements xD

And yeah...college college college... it starts at 24th of Sep and now I am so pissed of because of many things. Yeah I will be on the college with my best 친구 from high school, but still, I think I am not fully prepare for semester.
In this times I am very scared of future...what will be?? Where will I be??? And what will I do in the future??? Will I be a teacher....Will I be a good teacher? I am so scared :/. Do you think these are nonsenses?? yes they are....but I am still scared xD.
I wanna be under my blankets and wait until the world ends by itself...21.12.2012 you know?? :D
Ah 됐어! Do you hear about that luminescent things in Mexico and that weird noises all over the world, so that thing appeared in our town, it's crazy xD, when I heard at I was like"they were also here already? Yahoo" xD I didn't say a word about my stupidity did I? xD
Yeah, psycho kpop kid Pali, nice to meet you!!!

내가 갈게
Bye and Good night...oh 3AM...whatever...Bye